Hayden Baptist Church

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History of The Hayden Baptist Church

175 Hayden Road • Aiken, SC 29805

December 2011


            The Hayden Baptist Church was founded by Bro. Tillman Galloway for the purpose of worshipping God.  The Church was organized on the first Sunday in June 1868, by the Rev. J. C. Tobert of Augusta, Georgia, along with Rev. Mims of Hamburg, South Carolina.  At this meeting three white Deacons of the Rocky Springs Baptist Church gave this church its present name.  The name, Hayden, is reported to be in honor of the famous fugitive slave, abolitionist and businessman, Lewis Hayden (1815-April 7, 1889) of  Boston, MA.  Lewis Hayden’s accomplishments were commemorated in the New York Times on April 8, 1889, following his death.  Some of the first members of Hayden Baptist Church were Deacon Will Williams, Deacon Anderson Burris, Sis. Ann Head, Bro. Alex Fickling, Bro. July Courtney, Bro. Harry Courtney, Sis. Angeline Fickling, Bro. Fleming Galloway, Sis. Cresie Galloway, Sis. Sylvia Protho and Bro. William Trowell.


            The Rev. J.T. Thorton was the first regular Pastor despite the fact there was no permanent building.  During the first two years, service was held under brush harbor.  Some of the members devoted their time and effort by drilling several posts into the ground and constructing a house there upon. Bro. Tobin Coleman, Bro. Dufford, Bro. Nathaniel Galloway, and Bro. Samuel Mitchell were ordained as deacons. Rev. Moody Key succeeded Rev. Thorton.  A quarter of an acre of the land was purchased for the purpose of laying the departed members to rest.  The first building was built around 1870.  Under the leadership of Rev. G.W. Blocker, the roof was first covered with tin shingles; the aisles were made; the pulpit was built; a well was dug; and a pool was constructed. 


            Many more improvements were made under the leadership of Rev. A. Sprouse.  The Rev. L.W. James’s name was placed on the church corner stone for his kind and helpful assistance to Rev. A. Sprouse.  The current church building was constructed in 1921 under the leadership of Rev. I.J. Yancy.  The following auxiliaries were organized: the Home Mission, the Usher Board, the Senior Choir, and the Little Builders.  The Rev. J.W. Miles came to serve in 1929.  Under his leadership the building was completed in 1935.  In 1939 Rev. John Davis came to serve.  The first electric lights were installed, and the inside and outside of the church were painted.  Through the years the church made tremendous progress.


            In 1957 Rev. M.E. Fells served as Hayden’s pastor.  Runners were placed in the aisles and the pulpit was covered.  Licensed Minister George Nicholson was ordained as Rev. George Nicholson and five (5) deacon aides were added:  Bro. David McDowell, Bro. Charlie Samuel, Bro. Frampton Johnson, Bro. Raiford Johnson, and Bro. Eddie Johnson. 


In 1958 Rev. R.B. Bush came to serve.  Under his leadership the vaulted ceiling was lowered; new pews and a kitchen were added; and gas heaters and bathrooms were installed.  The roof was covered; an electric water pump was added; two water fountains were installed; and a piano was purchased.


            Rev. Sullivan Bush came to serve in 1978.  Under his leadership, a pastor’s study was added; new light fixtures were installed; the vestibule ceiling was lowered; and walls were paneled.  New emphisis was placed on Sunday School attendance.  Rev. Bush baptized fifty-one (51) members and received four (4) by letter.  In 1979 the church was bricked and the mortgage was paid in full by February, 1983.  In February, Rev. Sullivan Bush received the honor of having his name placed on the third church corner stone.  In 1984 a four-inch water well was drilled.  In November, 1984 heating and cooling systems were installed.  Ramps were built for the handicapped and the elderly.  Also under Rev. Sullivan Bush, two deacon aides were added, Bro. Ben J. Johnson and Bro. Michael Oliphant.  Two (2) aides were ordained as deacons: Deacon James Arthur Patterson and Deacon David McDowell:  Six (6) Trustees were added: Bro. Monroe Richardson, Bro. Robert L. Johnson, Bro. Lewis Johnson, Bro. Frisco Johnson, Bro. John Nicholson, and Bro. James Nicholson.  An order of service marquee was placed in the front of the church.  The church made tremendous progress under the ten years of leadership by Rev. Sullivan Bush, whose term ended October 30, 1988.


            Rev. Roosevelt Franklin was elected as Hayden’s pastor in March 1989 and served until August 1991.  Under his leadership; the church was re-carpeted; vinyl siding was placed on the outside where needed; and a baptism pool was installed inside the church.  Speakers were placed in the rear of the church.  Windows were replaced; a bus and Bibles were purchased; and the roof was repaired.  Rev. Franklin baptized seventeen (17) members, accepted two (2) by letter, and received four (4) by Christian experience.  He licensed one (1) Daughter of the House, Rev. Marie R. Wesley; received one (1) Daughter of the House under Christian experience, Rev. Eva Johnson; and ordained one Deacon, Deacon Robert L. Wade.  Prayer service and Bible classes were held every Wednesday night.  Rev. Franklin placed great emphasis on Sunday School, Bible teaching, and congregational fellowship.  A Deaconess Board was organized.  Rev. Franklin placed emphasis on developing the spiritual aspects of the church during his two-year tenure.


            Rev. Jessie J. Blocker Sr. was appointed as Hayden’s pastor on February 18, 1992.  Under his leadership many upgrades were made to the church campus.  The pump house was bricked (1993).  A tractor mower (1992), safe (1993), cordless microphone (1993), and congas (1993) were purchased.  All of the pews were cushioned (1993).  Railing were installed on the front steps for the handicap (1992).  We remodeled the pastor’s bathroom and choir stands (1992).  Three (3) vans and a copy machine were purchased (1993).  A balcony was built and the ladies bathroom expanded (1994).  Tables and chairs were purchased for the kitchen and a sound system was installed (1995).  The kitchen was remodeled (1996).  September, 1996, the church installed a security system.  Fifty (50) new hymn books (1997) were purchased, and other additions and remodeling were in progress until his death. 


Rev. Blocker baptized seventy-four (74) members accepted eighteen (18) by letter of commendation and Christian experience, and re-installed twenty-three (23) members.  He ordained one minister (1) Rev. James A. Patterson, licensed three (3), James A. Patterson, Lamont White, Michael Frazier.  Ten (10) Trustees were added, Bracey Johnson, Johnny Walker, Benjamin Valentine, Luticia Doe, William Minor, James A. Johnson, Catherine N. Johnson, Mario Johnson, Ethel P. Johnson, and Alease Opliphant.  The Little Sunshiners, the Youth Male Chours, The J. J. Blocker Musical Choir, Hospitality Committee and the Women’s Auxiliary were organized.  The first Youth Committee and College Fund were organized.  Sunday School, Bible classes, and Vacation Bible School were enhanced.  We were very proud and blessed to have Pastor Blocker as our pastor until his death on May 14, 1997.


During the period, June 1997 through February 1998, the Hayden Church Family was without a pastor.  By God’s grace Hayden continued to grow under the faithful leadership of Dea. Herbert Cadle, Chairman of Deacons.  Our Sons and Daughters of the House continued to feed the flock spiritually and conducted themselves in a manner that exemplified what Jesus meant when He charged his disciples, “Go preach my gospel.”  As a result of their love and devotion, Hayden’s Sunday services, Sunday School and Bible Study were sustained.  Five (5) saints were baptized, one (1) accepted by Letter of Commendation, and four (4) reinstated by Christian Experience.  One member (1), Sis. Eartha Jackson, was licensed as a minister.  A piano (1997) was purchased; the roof was repaired; and the doors were replaced.


            Rev. Kelley Cal Moore was elected as pastor on March 13, 1998.  Rev Moore baptized five (5), accepted one (1) by letter of commendation and Christian experience, reinstated four (4), and licensed one (1) minister, Bro. Craig Jenkins.  Pastor Moore gave the church its first motto:  “Developing Through Evangelism: A Caring, Sharing, Fruit-bearing Church” (1998).  Pastor Moore also created the Prayer Worriers and instituted the Special Seed Fund.  His term ended June, 1999.


            Without pastoral leadership between June 1999 and July 2000, our church maintained growth under the faithful service of Dea. Herbert Cadle, Chairman of Deacons.  Our Sons and Daughters of the House continued to feed the church spiritually and reinstated one (1) member.  Due to their love, commitment, and devotion, Hayden’s Sunday Services proceeded uninterrupted as a search for a new pastor was underway. 

            Rev. T. L. Burson came to serve as pastor of Hayden on July 21, 2000.  Under his leadership the church annex was upgraded (2001) and a Building Committee was established for the purpose of improving the church building.  In March (2002) Rev. Burson had the entire church re-carpeted.  We also received three (3) donated computers from SRS to the church.  Rev. Burson organized the following ministries:  Daughters of Hayden, Women’s Ministry, the Hayden Combined Choirs, the Hayden Junior Choir, Floral Club, Nurses Guild, Hospitality Club, the Pastor’s Support Group and the Associates Ministries.  He baptized twenty (20), reinstated six (6), and accepted one (1) by Christian Experience.  In a effort to revitalize the church, Rev. Burson ordained one (1) minister, Licensed Michael Frazier, and installed six (6) Deacons:  Dea. Isaac Johnson, Dea. James Nicholson, Dea. James A. Johnson, Dea. Monroe Richardson, Dea. Parker Burris, Dea. Robert L. Johnson.  He inducted fifteen (15) Deaconesses including:  Sis Mable Burris, Sis. Hayzetta Young, Sis. Lula Blocker, Sis. Mae Doris Patterson, Sis. Carrie Bell McDowell, Sis. Marie Johnson, Sis. Ethel P. Johnson, Sis. Katherine Johnson, Sis. Alwillie Richardson, Sis. Alease Oliphant, Sis. Lucille Burris, Sis Verta Johnson, and Sis Gwen Johnson.  Two (2) Trustees were added Sis. Sallie J. Brooks and Sis. Gwen Johnson.  During Rev. Burson’s two-year tenure, God called home many church leaders including two Sons of the House, two Deacons, and one Trustee.  Until his own death on August 26, 2002, Rev. Burson took an active role in reclaiming lost members, rejuvenating Hayden’s Wednesday Bible Study classes, and working toward the financial stability of the church.


Deacon Robert L. Wade, chairman of the Board of Deacons, faithfully filled the leadership void created by Rev. Burson’s passing in 2002.  For three years he led a weekly prayer vigil for God to send Hayden the pastor we needed.  During the three-year interim without a pastor, Dea. Wade ensured the continuation of Wednesday Bible Study and weekly Sunday services while overseeing all other operations of the church.  In March 2005, the Hayden church family recognized the man sent by God and elected the fifteenth pastor of Hayden Baptist Church, Rev. Robert L. Heflin.  


Rev Heflin quickly won the hearts of the congregation through his powerful delivery of the Word, congenial spirit, sincerity and community involvement with the people and Hayden’s sister churches.  During Rev. Heflin’s years of service, he has emphasized sound Biblical teaching, keeping it real with God, and giving God the glory in all that we do.   Under Pastor Heflin’s leadership, Hayden has enjoyed a thriving array of active ministries, choirs and church auxiliaries including the following:  Beautification Committee, Brotherhood, College Ministry, Deacon Board, Deaconess Ministry, Gospel Choir, Hayden Little Praise Dancers, Kitchen Committee, Love Pantry, Learning Center Committee, Little Drummer Boys, Male Chorus, Missionary, Music Ministry, Pulpit Aid, Senior Choir, Senior Ministry, Sunday School, Usher Board, Trustee Board, Women’s Home Mission, Youth Choir, Youth Ministry (Christmas, Easter, Black History, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church), and Youth Praise Dancers.   Rev. Heflin seeks to engage all the people in the work of Lord.


Hayden’s spiritual growth has led to physical prosperity as well.  During the first five years of Rev. Heflin’s tenure, the following material improvements were made to the church and grounds: Installation of stained glass windows; renovation of the sanctuary, vestibule, kitchen, auxiliary hall and bathrooms; removal of trees from parking area; installation of enhanced security system; purchase of a stove, freezer, microwave, flat screen television and DVD player, two computers, copiers, wireless telephone, microphones and sound system enhancements, drums, a safe, interior decorations/art and two fifteen-passenger vans.   Above all accomplishments attained since 2005 has been the sweet, sweet spirit ushered in each time the doors of Hayden are opened.  To God be the Glory!

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